Get Real About Race


By Chris Brand
'downlow', Volume 2, Issue 1, p. 33 (1996).

Note: CHRIS BRAND's career began as a prison psychologist, giving tests and therapy. For the past 25 years, he's been an academic psychologist at Edinburgh University. An established researcher of intelligence and the structure of personality, he's a Fellow of the Galton Institute and MA (Oxon.). He's also an experienced book-reviewer; though he's never called another author's work 'repellent', which was the term used in April by his then publisher, John Wiley & Sons, to denounce his own book, 'THE 'g' FACTOR.'

I'm a White Devil and I'm in deep shit. In February this year, I brought out a book called THE 'g' FACTOR. It's about general intelligence ('g') and my beliefs that intelligence can be fairly measured and that our levels of intelligence, yours and mine, depend heavily on our genes. My book says that Asians - on average - appear smarter than Whites, who themselves are smarter than Blacks. Okay, so there's an overlap between the average IQ's of Blacks, Whites and Asians. And yeah, 16% of African-Americans have a HIGHER IQ than the average American White. So what's the problem about facing up to those facts? None, I should have thought, but my book had barely appeared before the forces of PeeCee, paparazzi and tabloid scribblers pounced. Had any of them read my book from cover to cover? I doubt it, because it's not your average comic or 'Hello' magazine. It requires intelligence to appreciate. Still, they were there, on my door-step, geared to crirticize and condemn. Their questions flew thick and fast. Did I hate Blacks? Was I a member of any extremist political grouping? Had the KKK funded me? Was I a racist? Well, yes, I am what's often called a 'scientific racist'. I am certainly a race-realist. From the evidence, I certainly believe that there are important and deep-seated race differences in psychological variables. Intelligence is the variable about which most is known. But is any of this 'big news'? Should it have generated shock-horror headlines from those who've mastered joined-up writing or caused trauma amongst the intellectual establishment, not noted for offering high office to people of African origin? I didn't think so.

Even as far back as 1926, psychologists had agreed there were significant differences between those of different color - White, Black, Brown, Red and Yellow. Yet for expressing myself, straight-away I was up there with another White Devil incarnate: Sir Roger Banister, the original four-minute-miler who, in 1995, casually observed Africans appeared to have an innate gift for athletics and most sports (although relatively less often winning Gold from swimming or rowing). Shit, just to point out facts, do we really deserve to be torn apart? I SAY LET'S GET REAL ABOUT RACE, RECOGNIZE WHAT WE ARE, AND STAND PROUD.

Let's put to flight the PeeCee battalions whose absurdities warrant psychological research in their own right and wipe out modern White Anglo-Saxon Protestant 'speech codes' which blur and deny our differences. Once upon a time, we were equal before God and struggled for equality in the eye of the Law and in voting booths. But today, the central doctrine of PeeCee claims us to be naturally equal in every important way: morally, psychologically and in all-round cultural achievement. Who can believe such absurdity - apart from fat-cat high priests of PeeCee? Are we all to be grey, dull, boring, mass-produced units turned out like Pentium chips in Taiwan or Silicone Vallley? If we're to retain our individuality and different qualities, we must face the TRUTH, with honesty. Now let me remind you that - without any reader here going into a frenzy - a Black person can say 'White people are made to be evil' or that modern Blacks have lost their 'culture, language and religion' or that 'You open up a store and Niggas are gonna steal from you'. I didn't make up those quotes. They come from Leo X and Fat Joe, featured in articles published in this magazine in January. I applaud them and the 'downlow' editor for being frank. But, as a 'White Devil', I am not allowed to point out that the average African-American has an IQ of 85 or a better sense of R&B music than a White. No! No way must I say those things! I'm expected to change the facts to suit the PeeCees.

If Whitey academics and politicians admit the differences between the races, and these are perceived as 'problems', we must say immediately, 'Hey, we can find an instant solution!' All that needs to be done to remedy things is to alter social conditions through spending money - just a little bit more than the 40% of Gross National Product currently dedicated {in the UK} to our so-called 'Welfare State'. Yes, if you're a Black and you're failing to get that job or pass that examination, don't worry, we've got the antidote to all your ills. And if we don't, we'll pretend. But that attitude is condescending. To me, there's a lack of realism in today's Western world and it impacts equally badly on both Whites and Blacks. This is what I've tried to explain in THE 'g' FACTOR: the same type of education offered Blacks and Whites - of all IQ levels - in the US and the UK has been a disaster. It hasn't improved knowledge or even enhanced students' capabilities? Why? Because school children, White and Black, are treated according to their *chronological* age rather than their *mental* age. Many are 'taught' what they know already; or what they're not yet ready to understand. I believe - on the evidence - that all children (under parental guidance) should be allowed TRACK CHOICE.

At school, they should be able to choose the age-group in which they are taught. That would allow both Blacks and Whites to eliminate deficiencies and catch up where necessary. To use a sporting analogy: a broad, 250lb male is unlikely to achieve success in a 100-yard dash, irrespective of the type of coaching he's offered; but he could, probably, become a successful hammer thrower. 'Horses for courses' is an old saying which still makes a valid point. It's time to get real about race and IQ - for the sake of children of all races and IQ levels. Now what about families? Here, too, there's a major problem, as we all know. It centres on the West's great growth industry: 'single parent families' and fatherless children. It's a disaster for both Blacks and Whites, particularly for our kids. Admit it, how many of you 'downlow' readers saw your dad recently? Blacks 'took the lead' in the US during the 1970's when welfare was increased and lessened a woman's need to have a man about the house; but since then Whites have been catching up fast. Then there's the crime and drugs problem, also increasing dramatically. Study the statistics, and you'll find that young offenders come mainly from fatherless households. Do we have to accept this as inevitable? Not at all! Just rid ourselves of the UN-FREEDOM with which we live! The trouble is the lack of individual choice to pick what's best for *us*, not what's best for the PeeCee egalitarians.

If there's only one type of marriage contract, for example, don't expect marriage automatically to remain intact for the couple's lifetime. Partners should be able to plan for reality, not pie-in-the-sky ideals. Black people are *especially* hindered by having no choice of marriage contract. In many African countries, a successful Black man will have mistresses as well as a wife or wives. There are two main advantages of allowing men to have more than one female partner at a time. First, more women can have children by, and support from really successful husbands. Secondly, if a partnership does falter (perhaps because the woman becomes more interested in her children than in her husband) the home lives of the adults and children don't have to be violently disrupted in order for the man to find a new sexual partner. Polygyny thus keeps families together and ensures children a father who is a high achiever and good role model. Polygyny is a natural part of many African cultures, despite the considerable interference of European missionaries; but PeeCee would never allow it here, whatever your traditions. Forced to put aside tried and tested customs, it's not surprising that family unity is uncommon in Black communities forced to conform to Western values. The result is a lack of support economically and no foundation for the moral upbringing of Black youth, who end up rejected everywhere through no fault of their own. Black kids become crap on the streets, and crap gets removed. And that's the rub of my work: THE 'g' FACTOR simply advocates the need for different arrangements to cater for and harness the individuality of people of different races, recognizing how our minds tick. If that makes me 'RACIST', then so be it. Although my PeeCee publisher broke contract and withdrew my book from sale, I won't be stopped from getting real about race and intelligence. I will try to re-publish elsewhere, perhaps on the Internet, for example at or

Because I want you to EXAMINE and DECIDE for yourself the case I make for FREEDOM tempered with REALISM.

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