Name : Christopher Richard BRAND. Date of birth : 1st June, 1943. Nationality: British. Education: Queen Elizabeth's Boys' Grammar School, Barnet, Hertfordshire; The Queen's College, Oxford. Qualifications : M.A. (Oxon.) (Psychology & Philosophy), 1965. Employment: Home Office, Prison Department (H.M.P.Grendon); Nuffield College, Oxford; U.S.Navy (N.P.R.D.C., San Diego); Edinburgh University (Psychology Department) [from 1970].


My work has been concerned with identifying and elucidating the main dimensions of human variation in personality and abilities (especially as reflected in objective measures). I have taken the view that the more interesting questions about personality differences and their biosocial and psychodynamic significance can only begin to be answered seriously once there is a consensus as to what are the main, objectively measurable 'dimensions of personality' (and as to what is still mysterious). Since 1984, I have maintained that there are six main dimensions - rather than the 'Big Five' that have enjoyed more popularity with psychometrician-psychologists; and that several dimensions have primarily Freudian interpretations. However, since the existence and importance of even a dimension of 'general intelligence' is often disputed in and around psychology and the social sciences, my work has especially concerned the g factor (the psychometric backbone of IQ), its possible basis in 'speed of apprehension', and its relation to personality and attitudes. Publication of my conclusions (chiefly that parents and schools should be able do more to tailor education to children's intelligence levels) and my willingness to acknowledge deep-seated racial differences provoked a storm of controversy and the withdrawal of my book by the US publisher.

Selected Publications etc.

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(Available Feb. 29 - April 17)

1996 'The importance of intelligence in Western societies.' J. Biosocial Science 28, 387-404.

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I have broadcast for BBC IV UK, have written quite often for Nature and The Times Higher Educational Supplement and am a Fellow of the Galton Institute.


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