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The Journey

Cycad offers the following services to start, or accompany, your journey to the newest frontier. In order of complexity.

  • Low cost web hosting. Tired of paying too much for a simple web presence?
  • Contruction of simple but effective Web presences at highly competitive rates.
  • Advanced third-generation web systems with leading-edge features.

We can build Java front-ends coupled to SQL database back-ends, with state-of-the art narrow-casting techniques to react to individual browsers, intelligently, and to provide useful tracking of their activity. This will place your site right at the forefront of current technology.

Don't be misled by sites with dancing clowns, cheesy animations and scrolling banners. These just distract and annoy serious browsers. Effective content, delivered with punch, draws browsers and keeps them coming back.

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All prices are given in South African rands.
  • Web Hosting

    Up to 6 Megabytes of space at R150 a month
    No "setup fee"

  • Web Page Creation / Authoring

    Straightforward web page creation in common-or-garden HTML
    Per hour: R 100

  • Cgi-Bin and Java

    Perl cgi-bin scripts and/or Java applets
    Per hour: R 150

  • Advanced Third-Generation Web Systems

    Active content, intelligent browser recognition and user-customization (narrow-casting) are just some of the features your site could boast.

    Priced upon request, after evaluation and consultation.

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